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Our experience and expertise in fiber-based materials (specialty & long-fiber papers and wetlaid nonwovens) have enabled us to meet the diverse needs of a wide variety of industries. Using natural and man-made fibers, our innovations have led to the introduction of specialized products for filtering applications, car batteries, adhesive tapes, medical diagnostic, thermal barriers and composite structures.

A world leader in fiber-based materials.

The Schoeller & Hoesch name has been synonymous with high-quality papers and fiber-based materials for well over a century. Glatfelter, the parent company of Schoeller & Hoesch, also has a long and proud history of delivering quality, consistency and innovation. Together, Glatfelter and Schoeller & Hoesch provide a perfect complement of expertise and experience to meet customer challenges.

Schoeller & Hoesch, long recognized as an innovative leader in the marketplace, is a world leader in fiber-based materials manufactured from inclined-wire technology, while Glatfelter supplies a predominantly North American customer base with an extensive array of engineered paper products as well as book publishing and converting papers.

Our new product development, infrastructure, plant and equipment, quality assurance systems, and sales and marketing activities are all enhanced through the greater scope inherent in being a global business. Even so, we place great importance on ensuring that customers in each region continue to be served by their familiar sales and support people.

Regardless of the size of the customer or the degree of specification, our long-fiber and overlay customers trust us to deliver quality products for their most demanding needs.

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Food & Beverage products

Know-how in tea and coffee filter papers

As a major supplier of food infusion and filtration products, Schoeller & Hoesch has been a key player in the development of long-fiber papers used in teabag, coffee pod, coffee-bag and vending machine. Today, we have one of the most comprehensive offerings of tea and coffee filter papers in the marketplace. We have raised the quality standard of our products to insure they meet all the characteristics of high-performance filter material:

  • Problem-free processing in fully automatic packaging machines
  • Particle retention
  • Fast Infusion
  • Neutrality of taste

A multitude of first-class filter materials

DYNACLEAR, DYNAGREEN and DYNASEAL: these names stand for the innovative evolutions of our tea and coffee filter papers. They are the latest improvement of our DYNAPORE product range and correspond to unique technical properties, often proprietary, developed to meet new market needs.

DYNASEAL is the latest evolution of our heat-sealable product range. This paper integrates a unique and complex blend of specialty fibers that improve the heat-seal-ability of our filter paper by more than 20%. With this improved characteristic, DYNASEAL can be used at maximum speed in the latest high-speed packaging machine or in teabag products such as round teabags that required incremental high-seal strength.

DYNACLEAR is a semi-translucent filter paper that also integrates all the basic properties of DYNAPORE filter papers. This transparent filter paper is our answer to meet increasing marketing demand among major brands throughout the world.

DYNAGREEN is a unique, patented and first-of-its-king 100% biodegradable heat-sealable filter paper for use on all existing tea and coffee packaging machines. Like all our DYNAPORE evolutions, DYNAGREEN features all attributes and qualities of Schoeller & Hoesch standard filter papers.

Technical Specialties

Custom-designed materials for demanding applications

Schoeller & Hoesch's advanced fiber-based materials (long-fiber papers and wetlaid nonwovens) are found in a multitude of demanding consumer and industrial applications. Produced on modern web-forming technologies and from a variety of natural and man-made fibers - cotton, abaca, wood pulp and synthetic fibers - our fiber-based materials are mostly tear-resistant, keep their strength even when wet and yet weigh next to nothing on the scales. They help to speed up machine processes and are custom-designed to meet specific customer requirements.

Over the years, Schoeller & Hoesch has become a key player in the development of advanced fiber-based materials that are found in a multitude of niche applications:

  • Adhesive tape
  • Thermal barrier
  • High-performance battery
  • Reprography application (Stencil tissue)
  • Wipe application
  • Filtration
  • Medical Diagnostic application...

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Overlay & Dcor

The most comprehensive range of overlay papers...

Schoeller & Hoesch specialty papers are critical components used in the manufacturing of value-added composite structures. The set of challenges involved in plastic lamination is very complex ranging from issues of constant absorption to wet-strength, from dusting to humidity control. Today, Schoeller & Hoesch offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of overlay papers for a multitude of consumer and niche applications.

As the largest supplier of modern overlay papers in the world using inclined-wire technology, our product range covers a multitude of requirements: from highly absorbent, ultra-clear paper to black and brown overlay papers. Schoeller & Hoeschs product range includes standard overlay papers with high dimensional stability, excellent uniformity and ultra-clear transparency.

Schoeller & Hoesch also supplies a wide range of overlay papers with embedded filler for use in high- to low-abrasion-resistant surfaces such as flooring and kitchen countertops. Characterized by their excellent transparency and various degrees of abrasion resistance, from <1% up to 50% of Aluminum Oxide, Schoeller and Hoeschs overlay papers have been developed to be processed on the most modern impregnation equipment. Our latest product innovations include TUKO binder-free overlay papers, a new generation of overlay papers that use proprietary manufacturing technology and offer superior transparency and uniform high-abrasion resistance.

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