What is an Expository essay?

An important clue to what Expository essay is in the word itself. It" exposes " something to the reader. The term is using to refer to a persuasive essay. Although it may have many similarities with compelling writing, good Expository essay does not try to convince the reader of the merits of a particular opinion but tries to explain something without interfering with the student writer's opinion.

We can find examples of Expository Writing. Students are likely exposing too many forms of Expository writing long before they sat down to write their expository essays. However, you must continue to make the basic features of this writing as clear as possible before putting pen to paper.

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Functions of Expository writing

Students must first distinguish the writing of the Expository as a Genre of nonfiction writing. It informs about the language decisions you make. Students should choose their language accordingly. An expository essay is usually not the place for flowery flourishes of figurative images! Students should be encouraged to select a simple language that is easy to understand for the reader. After all, this is about informing and explaining, and this is best achieves with a direct style.

As already mentioned, many variations can be classified as Expository Writing. While students must understand all of the following functions, they should be allowed to familiarize themselves with the different types of Expository writing. It ensures that you can make the right decisions about which features to include and exclude when it is time to create your Expository essay.

The following are some general characteristics that students need to understand well to gain a comprehensive understanding of this Genre. They should be explicitly taught and checked until the students master the individual functions well before including them in their writing. Also a lot of information on how to write an expository essay you can find here


The title should be functional. It should immediately inform the reader of what he will learn in the text. It's is not the place for dark poetry!


Depending on the length of the essay and the students' level, a table of contents helps the reader quickly find useful information without having to go through the entire document. Usually, the page numbers found here are linking to headings and sub-headings found in the text.

Headings / Sub-Headings:

These help the reader to find information, as mentioned above, by summarizing the content in its wording.


Mainly listed in alphabetical order, the glossary defines an unusual or topic-specific vocabulary for the reader and often accompanied by images, illustrations, etc.


The Index is most commonly used for longer texts and allows the reader to identify where specific information can be found. It's is much more detailed than in the table of contents.

Visual Forms Of Information

Many people learn best when they see visually presented information, and this Genre recognizes this by containing many visual elements. The following are some visual features that student authors should be familiar with. Encourage them to write in these writings if necessary.

Images / Illustrations / Photographs:

Images, illustrations, and photographs can represent a central idea or concept in the essay. They can be primary or secondary sources when writing a historical Expository. Photos provide a comprehensive overview or a close-up of essential Details. These are often accompanied by a caption explaining what the image shows.


Especially for more technical Expository parts, diagrams are an excellent way to convey complex information clearly and quickly. Remind students that charts need to be labeled to ensure that the reader knows what they are looking at.

Charts and graphs:

These are extremely useful for displaying data and statistics in an easy-to-read and transparent way. They are usually clearly marked and correspond to the information in the text nearby.


Cards can be used to explain where something is or was located.

The basic structure of an Expository essay

While the specific characteristics described above are characteristic for the writing of expository articles, the basic structure of the Expository article has many similarities with other forms of items. The following information applies to write most essay forms.

A good structure for students who can use it as a framework for writing their Expository essay is the Hamburger essay structure.

This basic structure encourages students to consider their essay as a Hamburger consisting of the following:


It's is the top bun of the burger, and here the Student introduces the theme of the exhibition. It usually consists of a general statement on the subject and gives an overview of what the essay is about. It can also preview each critical section, specifying which aspects of the topic covered in the text. These sections probably refer to the headings and sub-headings identified during the planning phase.

Main Part Paragraphs:

If the introduction is the top bun of the burger, then each section of the body is a beef patty. In some respects, self-contained, each patty forms an integral part of the whole. Each of the main paragraphs deals with an idea or information. These can group under a standard heading for more complex topics, and the number of articles depends on the complexity of the problem. For example, an exhibition text about wolves may include a series of paragraphs under headings titled habitat, breeding habits, what they eat, etc.

Each paragraph should begin with a set of topics that tells the reader what the article is about. The following sentences should further illustrate this main idea through discussion or explanation. Encourage students to use statistical and anecdotal evidence and examples. Remind students to keep things Objective - This is not an editorial piece for a newspaper!

Be sure to read our full guide to writing perfect paragraphs here.


In general, the conclusion of an essay should neatly close the circle by summarizing the information, by uniquely reformulating the main ideas. This lower bun of the hamburger attachment is no different. Remind students that a right Expository essay is an objective, and beware of including your opinion or bias. The purpose here is to inform rather than to convince.

Final Thoughts

Your students need a good understanding of the essential functions of Expository writing and a firm understanding of the Hamburger Essay structure. As with any writing genre, the pre-transcription phases are also critical. It's applied in particular to the writing of the Expository. Since this Genre of writing primarily serves to inform the reader, proper research is essential for your students to create a competent Text. For this reason, writing Expositories also provides excellent opportunities for students to develop their research and writing skills. Skills that will be very important to you if you continue your education.

The revision and editing of your text are also critical. Facts and statistics should be checked and re-checked, and the language rigorously edited to ensure that the word is consistently clear and accurate.

The ability to create a well-written Expository essay is a beneficial skill that a student can possess as he moves through life. It promotes excellent organizational skills, and the research phase can be advantageous if students learn more about the world around them. And while we evaluate their efforts, we can even learn a thing or two ourselves!


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