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Designed for your success.

Powerful solutions for custom applications are what Glatfelter Engineered Products are all about. That's why best in class customers look to us every day to fulfill their product requirements for digital imaging papers, specialty release papers, industrial specialties such as playing cards and greeting card papers, pressure sensitive papers and metallized products.

Glatfelter Engineered Products are renowned for providing customers with a host of creative solutions for many specialized applications. Our unique size and fully integrated operations enable us to provide a level of flexibility and responsiveness to our customers that most competitors cant.

Designed for your success, Glatfelter Engineered Products offer outstanding quality, consistency and innovation for your most exacting needs.

Digital Imaging.

Where quality and performance create the perfect blend.

Superior sharpness. Accurate reproduction. Reliable performance. Thats what customers can expect from Glatfelter digital imaging papers.

Designed for both wide format and desktop printing, Glatfelters Pixelle line of papers is available in several finishes and performance levels to satisfy a broad range of end-use applications. From business graphics to labeling, our Pixelle papers provide customers with the ability to produce high-quality digital images with exceptional fidelity and vivid color.

Glatfelter offers other digitally printable substrates as well. We have developed several heavyweight tag grades for thermal transfer and direct thermal printing applications. Our ready-to-print thermal transfer grades provide outstanding anchorage and sharp bar code images. Our direct thermal base papers offer exceptional surfaces for heat-sensitive coatings.

Whether the application is point-of-sale posters, venue tickets, boarding passes or apparel tags, its likely that weve already developed a digital paper solution to meet your needs. However, if any of our existing products dont quite fit the bill, we welcome the opportunity to customize a product that does.

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Metallized Products.

Consistency. Reliability. Market leadership.

Since the introduction of metallized paper technology, Schoeller & Hoesch, Glatfelters European subsidiary, has set the standard of providing uncompromised quality and outstanding technical service. Today, we are one of the industrys most experienced manufacturers of metallized products.

Our metallized products are highly engineered composites made of an ultra-thin layer of aluminum combined with a wide range of special paper or film substrates. With a visual effect rivaling true metal foils, these products are available in various finishes and weights.

Marketed under the Gepalux brand name, our metallized papers are manufactured to ensure attractive labeling for returnable as well as non-returnable bottles. These papers can be printed with opaque or glaze inks, converted into sheets or rolls at high speed and washed off easily in the bottle recovery process.

Customers worldwide have discovered Schoeller & Hoesch for unique labeling applications. Our Gefolux metallized films are a popular choice for in-mold labeling, while our Hologloss holographic label papers help create visually exciting consumer packaging.

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Casting & Specialty Release.

A broad portfolio and a willingness to customize solutions.

Glatfelters casting and release papers offer a breadth of innovative solutions to meet our customers unique product-development needs. Our Exhere line of casting and specialty release papers provides versatility through mix-and-match options for substrates and release systems. Our line of heat transfer papers provides superior performance, regardless of printing method.

Our casting papers are designed for curing PVC films and foams, urethane foams and natural rubber. They feature consistent release and surface appearance, and excellent re-use performance. Whether your application is automotive, gasketing, cushioning or graphics signage, Glatfelter can help you get the job done.

Glatfelters specialty release liners are designed for pressure-sensitive adhesive applications where standard release liners fall short. Whether you need excellent layflat properties, superb backside printability or differential C2S release, we can provide a sheet to meet your needs.

Heat transfer papers allow T-shirts, ceramic mugs, mouse pads and note cubes to be custom-printed in a cost-effective manner. Glatfelters heat transfer papers are designed to meet the demands of your particular printing process, whether it is screen printing, offset lithography, color laser or inkjet.

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Pressure Sensitive.

Serving niche specialty markets with postal, fluorescent, and opacified facing papers.

With experience in the paper manufacturing industry spanning more than a century, Glatfelter has the technological expertise and creativity to develop tailor-made, pressure-sensitive facing papers effectively and efficiently.

Glatfelter offers uncoated and specialty-coated facing papers to satisfy most any application. From fluorescent stickers to bar code labels to postage stamps, our products provide exceptional performance time after time. No matter how demanding the specifications may be, our facing papers are clearly capable of passing the test.

As with all our products, our line of facing papers is manufactured according to a very specific set of quality guidelines. Each product and process is evaluated by dedicated quality-control specialists and, just as important, by some of our most quality-demanding customers. Customers such as the U.S. Postal Service regularly monitor our operations to ensure that our quality management processes meet or exceed their exacting standards.

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Industrial Specialties.

A diverse line of products used by consumers every day.

Glatfelters line of Industrial Specialties has evolved from decades of solving customer challenges. Customers worldwide rely on Glatfelters technical expertise, flexibility and ingenuity to provide one-of-a-kind products for niche applications.

Our portfolio of specialty papers is one of the broadest in the industry. While many are used as base papers in industrial applications, a number are recognizable in everyday products such as fluorescent stick-on notes, playing cards and disposable surgical gowns.

Customers with unique applications look to Glatfelter for paper solutions for a number of reasons. First, we maintain a strong product development and technical staff, ready to support our products throughout their life cycles. Second, we offer a broad range of capabilities: from lightweights to tag products, from uncoated to multiple coating layers, from virgin to recycled fiber. Lastly, our size and operational integration allow us to be more responsive and consistent than many of our competitors.

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