You'll be hard pressed to notice the difference.

With more than a century of experience and innovation in the book publishing industry, we know what it takes to produce quality book papers and the unique needs of book publishers. That's why you'll have the best of both worlds with DigiBOOK, especially designed for on-demand publishing with virtually the same look and feel as a traditionally printed book.

Designed for heat-fused, dry-toner digital presses, DigiBOOK gives the same on-press and print performance you would expect from Glatfelter traditional book publishing papers. Plus, DigiBOOK is available in the sizes and quantities you need, including sheets and rolls.

Eggshell 45 550 90 D34 (Blue White) 83
45 550 90 B21 (Natural) 68
50 500 91 D34 (Blue White) 83
50 500 91 B21 (Natural) 68
60 450 93 D34 (Blue White) 83
60 450 93 B21 (Natural) 68

  • Sets the standard for on-demand printing paper
  • Designed for heat fused, dry toner digital presses
  •      OC - Demand Stream
  •      Xerox- Docutech
  •      Heidelberg - Digimaster
  •      IBM - Infoprint
  • Available in two appealing shades
  • Companion to Glatfelter's popular Writer's grade
  • Available in rolls and sheets
  • Manufactured with 100% virgin fiber
  • Acid-free for permanence; meets ANSI/NISO Z39.48-1992 requirements.

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