Specialty Papers

The Glatfelter Company produces a variety of highly engineered paper products designed for very specialized end-uses. Products include papers for the label, stamp, decorative sign and film markets and other industrial applications. Our technical sales teams work closely with customers to create new papers or modify existing ones that will add value and enhance the customers' final products. We continue to invest in equipment and in our research and development program to ensure we remain a leader in the production of specialty papers.

Casting and Release Liners

Glatfelter's casting and release papers are designed for use in the production of vinyl products as well as reflective and non-reflective applications. End products made with these papers include vinyl table cloths, vinyl printed signs, wear layers for vinyl flooring, reflective signs and tapes, and pinstriping.

Stamp Papers

The P. H. Glatfelter Company has a long and rich history in the development of papers for use in U. S. Postage Stamps. We produce papers for both conventional and pressure-sensitive stamp applications, including stamps for use in Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). Our stamp papers are designed to withstand the rigors of multiple conversions necessary in producing today's highly specialized stamps.

Tag and Label Papers

Glatfelter produces pressure sensitive face stocks and liners for use in thermal transfer label and tag printing applications.

Industrial Papers

We produce a variety of papers with very unique properties and specifications for industrial uses, ranging from disposable hospital gowns and wipe products to matte board papers. As with all of our specialty papers, we look to identify new industrial uses for paper and work closely with a customer to develop products that will help them meet their needs.





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