Welcome to the Neenah Mill

Neenah, Wisconsin

Recycling is one of the most important issues of the day. Everywhere you turn, people are taking a greater interest in reducing the amount of solid waste we send to our nation's landfills.

Our mill in Neenah, Wisconsin, has been in the recycling business since 1904 - long before the concept caught on with the rest of the nation.

The Neenah mill uses wastepaper at its primary raw material and produces approximately 450 tons of paper daily. The wastepaper is repulped, deinked, washed, and bleached without the use of elemental chlorine. All book papers manufactured at the Neenah mill contain post-consumer waste as well as other recovered fibers.

Three paper machines provide flexibility in making uncoated, lightweight, film-coated, and groundwood blend grades, all of which are alkaline (acid-free) long-lasting papers.

Founded by Dedrick W. Bergstrom, the Neenah mill is the largest producer of recycled printing and specialty papers in the United States. The mill, located in the heart of Wisconsin's Fox River Valley, produces approximately 150,000 tons of paper each year from wastepaper.

That's a far cry from the six tons of book paper D. W. Bergstrom produced on his two paper machines in the early years. In those days, old cotton rags and newspapers were the fiber sources for Bergstrom papers. Within the first 40 years, two new paper machines were added to the mill, along with a water treatment plant and research lab, two new beaters and a three-stage pulp bleaching system.

In 1952, the Bergstrom Paper Company became one of the first papermaking operations in the country to install a waste water treatment system. The 1960s ushered in a new finishing plant and office complex and a new paper machine. By the early 1970s, the mill had developed a line of 100% recycled printing and writing papers.

Shortly after celebrating its 75th Anniversary in 1979, the Bergstrom Company was acquired by the P. H. Glatfelter Company.

Thanks to our creative researchers and skilled employees, the Neenah mill is considered a pioneer in wastepaper recycling technology. As with our other mills, the 425 men and women who make up the Neenah mill workforce continuously strive to produce some of the best, most-valued recycled papers in the country.