Engineered Products

All of P. H. Glatfelter Company’s engineered papers are designed with a specific end-use in mind. These highly technical papers are found in or used during the production of many everyday consumer products:

Technical Papers
Postage stamps, playing cards, greeting cards, pressure sensitive face stock and liners, disposable surgical gowns, thermal transfer tickets and tags, reflective signage, straw and feminine hygiene packaging

Specialty Products
Vinyl films and foams, inkjet papers, T-shirt transfers, fluorescent label and poster stock

Metallized Products
Beverage and food labels, gift-wrap, snack packaging

Meltblown Products
Oil absorbents, spill kits, industrial wipes

Our technical sales and engineering professionals work hand-in-hand with our customers to develop innovative solutions to technical problems. We maintain a strong commitment to investing in the equipment and human resources necessary to remain a global leader in the value-added papers marketplace.


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