Wisches, France Facility

Located close to Strasbourg, France in the heart of industrial Europe, Schoeller & Hoesch SARL produces nonwoven products from synthetic thermoplastic microfibers. The facility uses a meltblown technology to produce microfiber webs of PP, PE, PET, PA, etc. The microfiber webs can be embossed or combined with other substrates layers, such as paper, film, or miscellaneous nonwoven materials to offer a range of product performance features.

The facility is designed to produce an annual capacity of more than 1000 tons of meltblown product, with a maximum width of 1600 mm, in a range of weights from 5 grams per square meter up to more than 1000 grams per square meter.

The nonwoven products manufactured in this facility are currently being used in environmental, industrial, filtration, isolation, construction, hygiene and healthcare applications.

For more information, please visit www.schoeller-hoesch.com.


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