Gernsbach, Germany Facility

Located near the Black Forest, Gernsbach is the headquarters for Schoeller & Hoesch GmbH. The facility produces a diverse range of specialty products, including long fiber papers for the tea bag and coffee filter industries, casing and overlay papers, lightweight printing papers, metallized papers and films, and tobacco papers.

Founded in 1881 as a pulp producer, Schoeller & Hoesch has evolved into a premiere producer of highly engineered papers, recognized throughout the international paper industry for its craftsmanship, fiber source, cutting-edge inclined wire technology, and its research and development expertise.

The facility uses abaca, grown mainly in the Philippines, as its fiber source because of its versatility across a broad range of product specifications. With an annual production capacity of over 40,000 tons of specialty papers, in a weight range of 8 to 70 grams per square meter, S&H remains at the forefront of the production of highly porous, yet durable lightweight papers.

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