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Glatfelter Mills Earns AF&PA Award

Spring Grove, PA May 19, 1999:

On Tuesday, May 18, the P. H. Glatfelter Company was named as one of six recipients of the American Forest and Paper Association’s 1998 Environmental and Energy Achievement Awards.

P. H. Glatfelter Company received the award for waste/residual management for developing innovative ways to reuse boiler ash and lime mud at the Spring Grove mill and recycle papermaking sludge at the Neenah mill.

Specifically, the Company makes beneficial use of the lime containing ash generated by one of the power boilers at the Spring Grove mill in two ways. First, the ash is blended with soil and other solids to provide a suitable cover for landfills upon which field grasses are grown. Secondly, the ash is sold for use as a lime substitute and additive used to make soil conditioners. The mill’s lime mud is high in calcium carbonate which enables it to be used as a soil conditioner in place of agricultural limestone.

At the Neenah mill, sludge generated from the wastepaper recycling process is recycled into environmentally benign glass granules that are used for sandblasting grit, roofing shingles and asphalt paving. Minergy Corporation, which makes the glass granules, built its facility adjacent to the mill and recycles not only the Neenah mill’s sludge, but the sludges generated by seven other Fox Valley papermakers. In return, Minergy provides the Neenah mill with steam that is used in the mill’s pulping and papermaking processes.

These recent projects within the Glatfelter Division have helped to reduce the volume of wastes to be disposed, thus saving us money and conserving energy and natural resources.

We congratulate all of the Glatfelter employees responsible for developing and implementing these great projects that ultimately help us reduce costs and improve our environmental performance.



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