Our Environment

Throughout our history, we have been committed to acting responsibly with respect to the environment. We have always sought to comply with environmental laws and regulations and we have made extensive efforts to minimize environmental impact.

Our Corporate Environmental Policy outlines our commitment to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and to use our natural resources wisely.

At Glatfelter, we strive to make decisions that are right for the environment, without jeopardizing our responsibilities to our customers, our employees, our shareholders and our neighbors. Such decisions must be environmentally sound as well as cost effective if we are to remain competitive in business. These decisions are similar to those we make in everyday life. We believe we must continue to take fiscally sound steps to reduce our environmental impact and, as we have done throughout our history, demonstrate continuous improvement where the environment is concerned.

Each of us contributes to "pollution" in our world. To eliminate all pollution, we would have to stop driving our cars, laundering our clothes and stop throwing away anything. While pollution can never be completely eliminated, all of us should work toward developing and implementing new, sensible ways to reduce and recycle our wastes without creating new environmental problems. Together, we can do some great things to improve our communities and to preserve our natural resources for future generations.





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