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Glatfelter Announces Additional Changes

York, Pennsylvania – July 5, 2000: The P. H. Glatfelter Company (NYSE: GLT), an international manufacturer of engineered and specialty printing papers, today announced additional organizational changes in its senior management structure to help the Company redesign its global business.

The changes continue P. H. Glatfelter’s reorganization of its managerial structure to capitalize on today’s market and technology opportunities. Combined with organizational changes announced June 29, they reflect the commitment of the P. H. Glatfelter Company to maximize operational and financial performance.

The Company is pleased to announce the following changes:

  • Robert L. Miller, Vice President – International Business has been named Vice President - Special Projects. Miller will relocate from Germany to York, PA and will focus on key strategic projects.
  • Gerhard K. Federer, Managing Director, Schoeller & Hoesch Division, will assume the role of Vice President – International Business & Managing Director, Schoeller & Hoesch. Federer will coordinate the organizational transition of the Schoeller & Hoesch group, the Company’s European subsidiary. He will also bring his international business experience to Glatfelter’s management team.
  • Robert L. Inners II, Director of Operations, Glatfelter Division, has been named Vice President - Operations & Supply Chain. Inners will be responsible for the corporate management of mill operations and supply chain, which includes procurement and logistics, manufacturing, quality management and transportation.
  • Leland R. Hall, Vice President and General Manager, Glatfelter Division, will assume the role of Vice President - New Product Development. Hall will have responsibility for aligning the corporate product development resources to expedite and develop new engineered papers and specialty products.
  • Dante C. Parrini, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Glatfelter Division, has been promoted to Vice President - Sales & Marketing, Glatfelter Division and Corporate Strategic Marketing. Parrini will continue to be responsible for the sales, marketing and customer support efforts for the printing and writing papers produced by the Glatfelter Division. In addition, he will focus on the strategic assessment and alignment of the corporate marketing resources and markets.
  • Markus R. Mueller, Associate Counsel and Secretary, has been promoted to Corporate Counsel, Secretary & Director of Policy & Compliance. Mueller will be responsible for all corporate legal affairs of the Company.
  • Carroll L. Missimer, Corporate Environmental Director, has been promoted to Vice President – Environmental Affairs. Dr. Missimer will be responsible for all corporate environmental affairs and analytical services.

Headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, P. H. Glatfelter Company operates domestic facilities in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Wisconsin. International operations include facilities in Germany, France, Australia, the Philippines and Canada.


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